Don’t make your friends lie to you. Give them beer and chocolate. 

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For eons, women went to baby showers and bridal showers while the men went to the bar, but the world has changed. Your event is coed, and you’re struggling with how to make everybody happy. We’re here to help. The Decadence Edition of Everybody’s Beer Class is the perfect Cincinnati shower idea. It combines gourmet desserts by Artfully Delicious with carefully selected beer pairings. Beer Class comes to you and can be convened almost anywhere. Ideal group size is 20 to 50 people (though smaller groups are welcome.)  


Everybody’s Beer Class 101

Provides an overview of beer and a sampling that helps everyone understand their own palate. 

Everybody’s Beer Class: Decadence Edition

Gourmet desserts with craft beer pairings. There is an almost infinite variety of flavors in the world of craft beer, so get over your initial reaction to beer with dessert. The right pairings will change your life—like that time that peanut butter ran into chocolate. 

Beer Class is great for:

  • Wedding showers

  • Baby showers

  • Wedding prep events

  • Bachelorette parties

  • Group date nights

  • Just because—beer and dessert


Pricing assumes that the client is providing the venue. Everybody’s Beer Class can also be conducted in breweries, restaurants or bars of our choosing or yours (adjusted rates may apply). Travel significantly outside of Cincinnati’s I-275 loop may also adjust cost. Price assumes 4 tastings. Content and experiences can be tailored.

Everybody’s Beer Class 101 

1-20 people   - $300

21-30 people - $400

31-40 people - $500

41-50 people - $550

Everybody’s Beer Class: Decadence Edition

1-20 people   - $600

21-30 people - $850

31-40 people - $950

41-50 people - $1,100

See FAQs below for more details.


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Is this class for beer nerds or normal people?

Everybody’s Beer Class 101 is an introduction to craft beer. It requires zero knowledge, although you’re welcome to bring more than that. Everybody’s Beer Class strives to give you the basic tools to explore and enjoy craft beers. However it doesn’t talk down to you, and includes a flight of beer, so it's intended to be entertaining for beer aficionados as well as the uninitiated. Beer should be a uniter, not a divider.

Will we have to taste jars of baby food or wrap toilet paper around pregnant women? 

What you do in your personal time is your own business. Everybody’s Beer Class does not include standard wedding shower or baby shower games.

Seriously? Beer and chocolate?

Yes! When someone says “beer and dessert pairings,” you probably think about that time that you took a drink of light beer while eating a piece of cake, and your face instinctively contorts into a look of disgust. Craft beers, however, provide much greater—and tastier—pairing opportunities than wine. The right beers enhance caramel, chocolate and fruit flavors. Gourmet deserts are made by Artfully Delicious to be paired with specific brews. Come skeptical. You’ll never swallow the words “I was wrong” with more savor.   

Will you tell me a little more about this dessert thing?

Sure! Artfully Delicious prepares individual, tasting-size desserts for pairings. The desserts are made for each class with specific beers in mind. We can provide you with options. Artfully Delicious also bakes gourmet cookies, cupcakes, themed cakes for: wedding showers, baby showers, birthdays, graduations, retirements, random occasions, as well as wedding cakes. So, it is always an option to add additional desserts or cakes themed from elegant to raunchy.


Can you bring some food with you?

Probably. We have relationships with caterers and can do full-service beer dinners or simply provide appetizers as part of the experience. Give us the details and we will tell you what we can do.


How long is this class?

Depending on the number of participants and the questions that they ask, class lasts roughly between one hour and ninety minutes. 

How much beer is included? 

Class includes a flight of 4 beer samples. Flight glasses are approximately five ounces. We can also do 6-sample tastings, but this will impact cost. If pairing with desserts, one desert sample is paired with each beer sample. 



Will you come to us?

We come to you. We bring beer, tasting glasses and desserts (if you choose.) We need space and a few flat surfaces. Class can also be convened in breweries or bars, which may impact costs and some logistics. Whether beer class is convened in private homes, offices or liquor licensed establishments, it must comply with all liquor laws applicable to that location, and all participants must be 21 years old.